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This Oopsy Daisy Baby pettiskirt is custom designed with trendy, fashionable colors. Made from layers of chiffon, these voluminous pettiskirts make dressing like a fairy tale princess possible! The skirts have an elasticated waist that can be tightened with the ribbon. The skirt is constructed from layers of ruffled chiffon that are great for twirling around.

The sizes fit generously, covering a few years. Typically Girls Sizes fit in the following way, Small fits 2-4 years. Medium fits 4-6 years and Large fits 6-10 years.

Typically Baby Sizes fit in the following way, Small fits 0-12 months. Medium fits 12-18 months. Large fits 18-36 months.

Available in a full range of colours, the skirts can be styled with the matching Oopsy Daisy Tops, adorned with chiffon flowers. Worn with footless tights and ballet pumps or you could funk it up and team the pettiskirts with tights, Emu boots and a cool top form No Added Sugar or Dandy Star!

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